Digital Eye Strain – Signs you may have

Often people who have a digital eye strain experience frequent headaches behind their eyes as well as in the temples. This causes the vision to get blurred and words moving around the whole page instead of being fixed. To reduce these headaches, one has to take breaks frequently and look away from the digital TV screen. Also doing certain eye exercises will help you and reduce the strain on the eye, thus giving you lesser headaches.

Neck, shoulder and back pain

In this fast world of technology where people do not have time even for themselves, neck, shoulder and back pain have become very common. Especially people who work the whole day on systems with just minimum breaks of ten to fifteen minutes tend to feel stiffness in their body which causes pain eventually. This even reduces their overall work productivity and effectiveness. This can be avoided by taking short breaks after every one hour and stretching the body with the help of some exercises. This lowers muscle tension and fatigue caused to the body.

Blurred vision

As the digital screen is made up of a large number of pixels, you may have to reposition your eye and focus very deeply in order to get a good image view. This may cause blurred vision and the glare may also hurt your eye. Though Acuvue Oasys contact lenses with an anti reflective coating can help you in minimizing the glare, it is always better not to watch any digital device at a very close distance.