Determining Your Break from Your Work After Suffering an Injury

When you face a personal injury, it is necessary for you to go to doctors and undergo treatment. For this reason, your doctor will surely advise you to take a rest until you recovered from this injury. A long break from work may not go down well with your company, and unless you are your own boss, this can be a difficult situation to be in. However, if you got your injury while performing your job in your company, hire personal injury lawyers in Brisbane to help you. So how do you decide how much leave to ask for, and how do you go about taking the optimum time off? These tips below should help.

Talk to your bosses

Once you have consulted your doctor and known how much time you need to recuperate, it is time to then call up the people in your company and let them know of your personal injury leave. Follow the procedure that is commonplace in your company, and let your HR manager or your immediate boss know what the situation is like.

You can always use your medical reports and the doctor’s word to back up your claim. But be very sure to let your bosses know at the earliest about what has happened, and follow up the chain of mails or calls to its final conclusion. Also, be aware of your company’s policy in such cases and use that as a reference for deciding the number of days and claiming your leave.

Ask the insurance authorities

Many a times, the decision to take a leave or not is driven by financial reasons. So talk to your insurance company authorities and ask if they will cover your damages and losses for the injury you have suffered.

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