How to Design a Good Work Uniform



Most companies will benefit a lot from instituting a uniform policy. It saves the employees a lot of money and gives them protection from work related hazards, provides the firm with a positive image, walking advertisements, etc.

Companies that need to impose a work uniform policy may benefit from some useful tips in this article. The next paragraphs are lessons learned from past experiences of people working for various companies. Not only does it provide employees beautiful attire, it also provides everyone a lot of benefit.

Beauty– This portion is relative and depends upon the eye of the beholder. Consult the employees about the designs but make sure that the exercise will not become a controversial process. Those whose inputs were not incorporated in the final design might cause division in the company.

Different Design/Color per piece– A company intending to require employees to have a few pieces of uniforms are well advised to have a different design or color for every piece that they will provide. For example, companies may assign green colored uniforms for Mondays, yellow on Tuesdays, etc. This will result to people and customers seeing variety and give your company points for taking the extra effort in giving details a decent amount of consideration.

Different colors/designs for different Departments– People in the manufacturing lines will have different work uniform requirements compared to those working in sales and other departments. The production department may require clothes with anti-static properties because of the nature of their products while employees working in the field may need dry-fit shirt and cooler fabrics. This technique will also help in crowd control. Production supervisors will easily be able to tell which employees are straying away from their assigned areas and who are preforming their jobs well. Another important point is the conflict between functionality and security. Airport baggage handlers, for instance, will need coveralls for safety reasons but will probably need to be issued clothes that will discourage the unscrupulous from using it as hiding places of pilfered items.

Logo/ Company name– This is something that should never be forgotten. Your work uniform should always have your corporate logo and/or company name. People should be able to tell what company the employees work for. An advertisement should never fail to include the company or product being sold.

In closing, work uniforms should be design to be functional and beautiful. Design it with the help of professionals, as much as possible to be able to come out with the best product. When that is achieved, the employees will have a few more reasons to love the company.

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