Creatine Capsules vs Creatine Powders

Creatine powders are usually mixed into water and gives spontaneous results once you drink it. This gives your body immediate energy and boost. Creatine capsules contain the dosage needed for your body type on the side of the bottle. Depending on your activity level and body weight, you can count the number of capsules needed for you and gulp them down.


Though it is a sudden energy provider and is available in fruity fizz flavour, creatine powders leave an after taste like vitamin which might be little difficult to take in. But it is the best for use than creatine capsules, which are coated with a layer of glycerine which has to be broken down to start being effective. This may take a long time and also not balance your workout time properly.

Side effects

Though not everyone faces side effects using creatine powders, some people do get cramps in the stomach, gas and a bloating feeling. Even creatine capsules, though mild when taken with proper care tends to show some small side effects such as stomach pain and discomfort due to gas and bloating. But the effect is said to be much lesser than powders.


Buying Creatine powders are very effective and cost much less than capsules. But this cost has a variation depending on the brand you choose and also the amount of supplement you intake. Creatine capsules , are got in bottles and the cost depends on the number of grams of the capsules you buy. But they are more expensive than the powders.