Counter Disposable Cosmetic Lenses

Disposable cosmetic lenses have to be discarded after a certain span of time and exact time to eliminate the use can be advised by the doctor. While buying the contact lenses a certain time will be quoted to use the lenses, but the eye behavior of each and every person is different. Some lenses can be disposed after 3 months but those people whose eyes produce more amount of proteins and lipids need to dispose the lens much earlier as they can catch infection.

If you are cleaning the lenses and wearing it daily then also an eye problem may be caused because no matter how much you clean the lenses the deposits of minerals still exists. A proper time to dispose can only be told by the doctor who studies the behavior of your eyes.

Wrong decision

Those who try to buy over the counter often make a wrong decision. They would select the wrong company, wrong type of contact lense and may even pay more money. Thus, buying contact lenses on your own can push you in troubles. Some lenses are permeable and need to be worn daily so they can adapt to the eyes well. Some are soft and flexible which can be worn daily but require proper cleaning.

Understanding product characteristics

Being familiar with the characteristics of the product is very important. One should know about the product and an eye doctor understands the features of lenses quite well. He could explain about the schedule about wearing the lenses, life span and correction modality like spherical, toric, bifocal, etc. Thus, buying Acuvue Oasys contact lenses can be efficient if one consults the doctor in advance.