Comparing Digital Antennas

Your home location is the most important factor in determining the kind of antenna you will need. If your home is in a fringe location then you need to use large sized high grain antennas which is used in combination with a powerful rotator. You will also need low loss of download RG-6 or RG-11 coaxial cabling which has 100% bonded foil, 95% tinned copper shielding and a lot of other specific factors. The best person to guide you will be a technician who has installed hundreds of digital antennas in different locations.

Why you should check your old antenna first?

If your existing TV set and old antenna has given you good picture quality on analog channels (2-51) then there is a chance that your old antenna can catch (DTV) digital TV signals too. You can even avail HDTV signals with the same antenna. You will not need to purchase a separate DTV or HDTV digital antenna to continue watching high quality television.

Performing a channel scan is very important if your antenna is connected to digital TV set. If you have digital to analog converter box then you will have to use the set up menu to fix the proper settings. Many TV technicians often leave the settings on the “default” option which leads to problems afterwards. Choosing the right antenna and then doing the correct setting on your TV set are both equally important if you want to have a good digital TV experience.

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