Common Skateboarding Terms that You Ought to Know

One of the best outdoor sport is the skateboarding. Indulging into this sport requires a strong upper and lower portion of your body. Like any other sport, skateboarding has it’s own set of jargon that you should be familiar with. What follows are some of them:


This involves skating in a long arc curving in nature, such that one edge is pressed to the ground.


To stand in a normal stance while the board moves backwards.


Skating while keeping right foot in front as opposed to the regular way.


To scrape either or both of the wheel axles to ground, railing or any surface. This has various styles as listed.

             Crooked Grind

This involves grinding on front wheels while doing a slide.

            50-50 Grind

This involves grinding on both wheel axles in an equal fashion


To grind only on front truck of the long boards.

            5-0 Grind

To Grind only on back truck of the skateboard.


It is similar to the ollie trick, except that the skater will kick on the board causing it to flip before landing on the ground.


This trick involves doing a 540 degrees rotation on the ramp.


This kind of pushing requires the pushing to be done by front foot alone while your back foot rests upon the board.


A trick similar to ollie except that the skater kicks the front portion of the skate board.


A kind of jump in which the skater will tap tail of the skateboard on the skating surface.

Regular foot

Skating with your left foot placed forward.


This trick involves spinning the skate board by 180 degrees below the feet as you move forward simultaneously.

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