Common Methods or Treatments used to rehabilitate Accident Victims

Accidents are unfortunate circumstances that people may have to go through in their life. While minor accidents can be easily forgotten, major ones can be quite debilitating – mentally or physically. Such accidents require rehabilitation, as an important part of after-care.

Hospitals can provide immediate relief, but recovery period is longer than this. Depending on the victim’s condition, there are various types of rehabilitation methods used ranging from speech therapy, physiotherapy to occupational therapy.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is used to remove the deficits a victim is facing and making changes around him. If an accident involves displacement of bones, or amputation of a vital body part, then the victim may not be able to perform regular tasks. Occupational therapy helps victim adapt to the situation, by training him on doing a task without a part, or with a displaced part. It also helps make changes in the surroundings, such that the victim is able to adjust.

Speech and Respiratory Therapy

Sometimes, accidents may affect throat or speech, and can make breathing difficult. Speech therapy allows the victim to strengthen the throat and make swallowing easy. Respiratory therapy helps regulate the breathing and prevents shortness of breath and other related problems. However, these two methods are not very common in case of accident victims.

Balance Therapy

It is slightly related to physical therapy. This is common in accident victims who require brain surgery. After a brain surgery, the victim is usually not able to coordinate and balance. The brain is not able to process and coordinate signals from feet, inner ear and eye. This leads to imbalance. Balance therapy helps the victim react in such situations, and balance while walking, getting up or sitting.