Clean And Classy Wedding Car

Renting the best car for your wedding day requires careful scouting and planning. By choosing Kombi wedding car, the best and reputable company online, the car of your choice will arrive at your place sparkling clean and well-dressed for the occasion.

Types of wedding car

There are many models of cars available for rent. People have different tastes and that is why you can find that one car that will take you to the church and to the wedding party venue. First let us begin with the vintage cars. The vintage model can be really dramatic as these cars are made from the 1920’s to 1930’s. The vintage cars do look so adoringly beautiful in wedding photos. These cars can only be seen in movies and now on your wedding day. How cool can that be?

Then there are the classic wedding car which are made somewhere between 1940 and 1970. These are referred to as classic vintage cars. The effects are like fairytale weddings where the bride alights from a wedding car that is no longer seen plying on the streets these days. It can be very special if the wedding photographer will take photos of the couple coming out from vintage classic car.

Then there are the modern and sophisticated cars that will leave your visitors at awe seeing the bride for the first time coming out from a luxurious wedding car.

The size

Each couple has own preference in terms of the size of the car. Some prefer smaller and intimate cars while some couples prefer cars that will aloe some of their relatives or wedding entourage to ride with them. By viewing the online catalog, each car is specifically defined as to how many persons it can accommodate.

The dress code

The chauffer of the wedding car must be properly attired for such a very special occasion. The chauffer must be neatly dressed and well-groomed. These days, more couples prefer the chauffer dressed in black coat and tie rather than the usual white uniform.

The price

You always get what you paid for and the same holds true when it comes to wedding car. Always choose quality of the car and services over price as you are assured of scratch-free, clean, and comfortable car on your wedding day.

The other services include umbrellas in case rains pour in on your wedding day, champagne while on board the wedding car, and a red carpet.

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