Choosing The Right Air Conditioner Installation

Protecting yourself against the increasingly hot summers requires more than a fan. You need a cooling system. Having decided to install a cooling system, the next step is choosing the cooling system that best serves your need. You can’t just arbitrarily pick an A/C from the store just because you felt like. Your choice should be predicated on sound judgment, and careful consideration of certain factors. These factors are:

Size of the house and rooms

A bigger house will need a bigger air conditioner installation, while a smaller house will require a small cooling system. Mismatching your needs can cause unnecessary expenses when you install a bigger than necessary cooling system or ineffective cooling as a result of installing a cooling system inadequate in power capacity. Air conditioners are measured in tons; the higher the number of tons, the bigger the capacity.

To effectively match your house size to your cooling needs, some measurements need to be taken. You need to measure the house or room where the cooling system will be used. Then can you match it to the air conditioner you need. It is also worth taking into consideration certain factors such as exposure to sun, and house being under a shade. All these factors can reduce or increase the tons needed to service the building.


SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. It is basically the ratio of the supplied cooling to the energy used to produce it. A higher SEER means the unit is using less energy to produce cooling. It is a measure of the efficiency of the A/C. A higher SEER though costing more will save you money on the long run. It should be noted also that depending on your area, it might not be necessary to get an A/C with high SEER because the area has a relatively mild summer.


It is encouraged to buy cooling systems that are not rated R-22. This symbol indicates that the unit is a HCFC (hydochloroflourocarbon) a substance that ekes off the ozone layer. Furthermore, there’s a plan to phase out these types of cooling systems; buying them is a potential risk when it comes to maintenance.


You can literally hear some air conditioner installation once you enter the street. To avoid this, check their decibel values; the lower the decibel ratings, the better. A rating of 70 and below means the unit makes less noise.

Using the above factors means you’ll but the right air conditioner installation for your property or your room. Whichever the case is, note that the more you seek better features, the higher the price; which is absolutely necessary for some people.

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