Choosing a Custom Stand for your Next Exhibition

One of the best place to display your products and offer your services to potential customers is on the trade show. For most of the entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses, having the right marketing tools (i.e., exhibition display stand) are necessary. Understandably, opting for custom stands is a more prudent decision if you want to maximize returns on your exhibition investment.

Selecting the right stand can however be tricky as there are plenty of options to choose from. From pop-up designs to 3D signages, modular layout to folded types… the list and options are endless when it comes to selecting a bespoke exhibition stall. But irrespective of the design aspect, there are certain basic areas to keep in mind while discussing your customized stall with the fabricator.

The Design

Before getting carried away with outlandish designs, do keep in mind its suitability with your company vision and product. This is of foremost importance as even the best designed customized stall will never live up to its potential if the look it creates does not merge with products or services displayed by the stall.

Ease of Handling

Good quality exhibition display stands can be stored for future use. This means the materials used in construction should be sturdy, durable and light-weight. Assembling and dismantling the stand should be easy and you must have no real difficulty in transporting or storing the different components.

The Company

It’s best to get your custom stands designed and constructed by seasoned service providers. Only such companies have the resource and staff to execute such projects from the conception stage to the final delivery. They take care of everything from the initial brief to graphic products, installation and final handover.


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