Choosing a Career as an Estate Agent or Mortgage Broker

Selling a property or buying a house is one of the most significant decisions in a person’s life. Usually, people contact property estate agents or mortgage brokers to assist them through a process that is confusing and quite risky for amateurs to tackle singlehandedly.

Although most clients consider real estate agents and mortgage brokers as having the same function, in reality these are two separate professions with noteworthy differences. So if you want to pursue a real estate career successfully, you must first know the dissimilarities between a real estate agent’s role and that of a mortgage broker.

Differences between Style of Functioning

As part of your real estate career, you will have to search out prospective properties that suit the need and budget of your clients. You will have to travel around a lot; checking out multiple residential or commercial properties and showing them to prospective buyers. You will also have to study the real estate market, understand the latest trends and prices and help your customer secure the best deal. Find out more about the latest real estate deals in San Diego and La Jolla CA.

As a mortgage broker, you will be more involved in the administrative part of the deal. It will be your responsibility to find out the best loan option for your client with respect to rates and terms of payment. Therefore, you must keep yourself updated on the latest interest rates; changes in mortgage rules and laws and modification in the terms and conditions of leading financial institutions.

Differences in Educational Requirements

If you want to pursue real estate career as an agent, you must possess required knowledge in marketing and sales. Having a high school diploma is the minimum educational requirement for real estate career. REIQ offers fast tract licensing and training.

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