Carpet Cleaning Tips and Guidelines

Carpet is considered a flooring material that somehow adds up to the design, decoration and even comfort to your home. But, maintaining the cleanliness of a carpet is quite difficult. You should learn the basic of carpet cleaning such as deep cleaning, vacuuming and stain removing in order for you to clean your carpet when necessary.

In order for you to feel comfortable in your living room or area of your house where your carpet lies, clean with vacuum always the carpet. If there are stains, try to buy carpet cleaning products or you have to deep clean it. Having your carpet clean and smells clean; it adds up to the beauty of your home.

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Colorfastness Testing

When you say colorfast carpet, these are the carpets that does not bleed, fade and change easily when you try to remove stains from it. But, take note that if a carpet is colorfast, it may then change depending on your method of cleaning or maintaining it. Here are some of the guidelines you can do to test whether your carpet is colorfast or not:

• Get your carpet or even any carpet that you do not use. Vacuum it first.
• Dampen a sponge or cloth with a cleaning detergent or solution you use.
• Put down the sponge or cloth into an area you want to test with and leave it for an hour.
• Now, blot the area of the carpet with a white cloth.
• If the cloth has been dyed, it means your carpet is colorfast. But in order to clean it, test using different cleaning agent until you found one that does not make the carpet bleed or fade.

Carpet Cleaning

In order for you to start your cleaning, find someone who can help you to remove the furniture. Cleaning while there is furniture is quite difficult. After the furniture have been removed from the area, vacuum the whole place and start the steps of cleaning it.

• Use wet cloth that has cleaning solution to dampen the whole carpet. If there are stains, put the necessary stain removers. You can use white vinegar and water solution for catsup, blood and other ordinary stains.
• After putting the cleaning solution, find another dry cloth to dry the carpet. Make sure that your carpet does not fade or bleed, if it happens you will clean the carpet for an hour.
• After you have done the necessary steps. Vacuum again.

Carpet cleaning can be done easily if you let the carpet cleaners help you.  No matter how filthy it is, let the service of carpet cleaning service should be your partner. Should you choose to do this on your own, you just have to follow simple steps such as mentioned above to accomplish the task.