Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are four methods used by carpet cleaning in Melbourne. They include:

Carpet Shampoo Method

The secrete of using shampoo is that it generates a lot of foam in the carpet which if allowed to dry; it can help to easily remove the soil. Ensure that you use shampoo products with the following ingredients in carpet cleaning:

• High foam levels
• Stable foam
• Dry to non sticky residue
• High lubricity that reduces damage to the carpet fibers
• Leaves a dry but a non sticky residue

A carpet shampoo that contains sodium lauryl sulfate or any of its relatives exhibits high and stable foam and is a good detergent. The only problem with this type of a shampoo is that it dries too fast. Shampoos with resins are the best since they reduce the re-soiling tendency. Shampoos are poor detergent and what they do is to bury the dirt and contain a high level of optical brighter which converts ultraviolet light into invisible light making the carpet appear brighter and clean.



When using shampoos in carpet cleaning, better results will be obtained when the following machines are used;

• Cylindrical foam
• Rotary shampoo

The cylindrical foam shampoo does a better job since it uses an air compressor to create a dry form before it is applied on the carpet. The cleaner has a revolving brush that combs the foam through the carpet. Unfortunately, this method of carpet cleaning requires that the carpet be thoroughly vacuumed before and after cleaning.

This method is popularly referred to as dry cleaning since it does not make use of water. In this method, dry absorbent compound consisting of small amount of water solvent and detergents is sprinkled on the carpet or worked into the carpet. The cleaner attracts and absorbs soil and the brushes can be used cleans through the carpet.

The products contain absorbent carrier, detergent and solvent. Which dissolves the soil making a solvent of soil and detergent that is easily absorbed into the carrier and vacuumed. When you choose to clean the carpet using this method, it requires that the carpet be thoroughly vacuumed before and after cleaning.

Bonnet Method

The method makes use of oscillating brush after spraying the carpet with a cleaning solution or socked in a cleaning solution and squeezed.

Hot Water Extraction

It is the best method of carpet cleaning recommended by all manufacturers it is referred to as deep cleaning and uses large amounts of carpet cleaning agent and should vacuum cleaner.