Carpet cleaning for vehicles using hot water extraction method

The hot water extraction method is a highly celebrated carpet cleaning method for the numerous advantages it presents. For one thing, the hot water extraction method gives carpets a very thorough cleaning session, removing the most resilient of dust and dirt set deeply in the fibers of the carpet as well as potential allergens which have made their way into the carpet for one reason or another and yet for another thing, this method refreshes the carpet, giving it a feeling of newness that clients would appreciate. Surprisingly, this method can also be used on vehicular carpets. These are the steps taken in order to perform this magnificent carpet cleaning method called the hot water extraction.

Preparation of extractor and carpet

Preparing the carpet is the prerequisite step that needs to be taken before proceeding with the hot water extraction carpet cleaning process. To prepare the carpet means removing the seats of the car as well as the floor mats and giving it a good vacuuming to remove dust and dirt residing on the surface. Brushing also helps to loosen up dirt that held on to the surface of the fiber. Pretreatment chemicals are used should there be spots or stains present in the carpet. On the other hand, the extractor should be prepared according to the instructions that go with the machine.




Using the machine

With the carpet ready for a good cleaning, the next carpet cleaning step taken is to use the machine. Prior to using the machine, it should be noted that the water temperature is attained depending on the instructions given in order to make the extraction a success. Since the vehicle carpet is different from the carpets used in homes or establishments in a sense that it is stuck on the vehicle, this is done by section and the ratio in which it should be used is for a single spray of steam, there should be two extractions performed. The carpet cleaning process is complete once every section is sprayed and extracted and the carpet is then left to dry out.


While the carpet cleaning process has ended in the previous step, additional steps are taken to optimize the intense clean brought about by the hot water extraction method. This is the part where carpet protectants can be applied such as anti-stain and odor protectants. This will ensure that the well-being of the carpet is in perfect condition as this will also affect the driver and passengers of the car.