Budgeting For a Vacation

There’s a time it took me almost two weeks trying to budget for a trip. The cash was there, but every time I read through something interesting or another better place to visit, I’d immediately add it to my tour package. Maybe this only happens to me, but the point is when planning for a vacation you should always have something within your budget, there’s always a next time when you can try all the other activities you missed on your first trip. Today, we will focus on Zambales province, an amazing tour destination in the Philippines. We will try to find affordable resorts in Zambales that can actually fit with our lower limit budget.

When you are taking a vacation, you can either choose a tour package or opt to carry on the costs and activities individually. A package can be affordable depending on the region you are visiting and one good resort in Zambales is the Mope Beach Resort. This is among the most affordable resorts in Zambales that actually have access to the beach. Of course, there are many resorts by the beach, some are even better, but today, we’ll be focusing on the cost. Are they affordable? If only a few people can say yes, then probably it isn’t that affordable.

So what can you expect in Mope Beach Resort? First, their food is amazing and local cuisines will surprise you. At the resort, there’s a sports bar for fanatics, visitors can also go surfing and surprisingly have scuba diving spots that are breathtaking. Accommodation charges range from $35 to $82 Australian Dollars depending on the size and type of room. This is quite affordable, right? For scuba diving, you will have to pay $49 for the entire kit. They also offer adventure tours with a speed boat to the surrounding islands, but I’m not sure if they charge for this. If you are looking for affordable resorts in Zambales, this one should definitely top your list of options.

When it comes to vacation time, the budget is always important, and as I said earlier, if it is too much, you should try and sub-divide the activities and have the rest planned for the next vacation. Looking for affordable resorts in Zambales will take more than just basic online searches, you will need to find official websites for the resorts and try analyzing what could actually be affordable to you. It doesn’t matter how much you spent, it is about the moments and memories created. Check out Mope Beach Resort official website for more details on their charges and activities available.