Best Ways to Place Surround Sound Equipment for your Home Theatre

Many a good movie is ruined because the viewer was sitting too far away from the TV screen of the home theatre and the speakers were not placed properly. Always ensure that the viewer is placed no more than 8-12 feet away from the speakers.

Sitting too close will make the sounds difficult to identify as they will run into each other, while sitting too far away will not give you enough clarity and you will always be straining hard to hear what someone said on screen. Find the sweet spot that works best for your room, and enjoy your next movie with well placed speakers and the full effect of the surround sound blast!

Remember the rule of thirds and fifths

First, calculate the room’s dimension in the direction where you want to place the speakers. Then divide it into multiples of thirds and fifths away from the wall and mark these places as they should be good starting points to place speakers.

For instance if your room is 20 feet in length and 15 feet in width, then the left and right front speakers can be placed 4 feet or one fifth of the distance from the wall behind them, and 3 feet or one fifth from the walls on the left and right. The main listening seat can be placed 4 feet away from the wall that is behind the listener and 12 feet away from the plane of the left and right front speakers.