Benefits of Making Forklifts Staff go through Safety and Training Modules More than Once a Year

Can you imagine the logistics and construction industries operating without the help of forklifts? These heavy commercial vehicles have revolutionised the operations of so many businesses. However the fact is they continue to be responsible for a large percentage of industrial injuries, fatalities and accidents. One of the best things you can do to reduce risk of accidents is to get your staff properly and frequently trained.

Why do forklifts cause so many accidents?

The compact design of a forklift is chosen by the manufacturer since the vehicle has to manoeuvre in narrow aisles and intricate paths. However when a forklift is loaded heavily it becomes unstable as it has a narrow bottom. The centre of gravity of the forklift can fluctuate when it takes sharp turns.

If you examine the design of standard forklifts you can understand the reason behind high rate of accidents. The risk extends to employees in your workplace, operators and even pedestrians who are in the vicinity. This scenario will help you understand why you shouldn’t wait for fatalities to happen before arranging for safety training. Enrol now at forklift licence Sunshine Coast.

Ideal frequency of training programs

Every time a new operator joins your business you should have him trained. If you arrange for the training only once a year, many of your staff are likely to forget important concepts and safety protocols they have learnt. Therefore play it safe and earn kudos for being a responsible employer by arranging forklift safety training sessions more than once a year.