Be Your Own Plumber

It always feels good to be Independent in all walks of life, including something as small as being your own plumber. Being informed of the right technical know how could save a lot of money in the near future. Let us go through some of the basic everyday problems we face, so that the next time we do not have to call a plumber.

How to unclog a drain?

No need to fret and call a plumber, just do it yourself.

To begin with , firstly remove the drain stopper. Then with a wet sponge block the overflow hole.Closing the overflow hole blocks off the air source and creates better suction on the drain. Before using the plunger, turn off the water to stop the toilet from overflowing.

Do cover the drain with a plunger, make sure there is water covering at least half the plunger. Make sure you create a tight seal with no gaps. Press it firmly a couple of times moving it up and down. Remove the plunger and the water should pass through.

You can also use bleach and other chemicals to clear up a clogged drain instead of calling a plumber. Make sure to be using gloves at all times, as these chemicals are harmful to the skin.

How to change a leaky/old faucet?

This is something that happens quite often. Do not call a plumber before trying it yourself.

To start with you need to turn off water dropping off to the faucet , it is usually found under the sink itself. Close or plug the drain hole with a rag or sponge. The next important step would be to figure out the kind of faucet you have, it could be a ball faucet , a cartridge faucet or a ceramic disc faucet. Unscrew the faucet from its main stand using a wrench, once out, remove the worn out washer which has caused the leakage to happen and install a new set. If there is any possible mineral and calcium contamination it would be a good idea to use vinegar, soak it overnight then clean it after with brush.

Without a plumber you have not only managed to change the faucet, but also get a new shiny one for the house.

With the right tools and the right knowledge, it is easy to fix up your home, without having to spend spare money. There are few issues that you could do on your own thus seeking for help could be necessary.

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