Bathroom Storage Ideas and Hand basins Installation

Bathroom, though one of the smallest area in your house, plays a vital role on our everyday life. Having said this, we should give an importance with this area through proper care and maintenance. It should be well organize by using a bathroom storage.

Cabinets with Mirrors

Instead of using flat frameless mirror, you can use small cabinet having mirror on the front side. It will give you dual benefits, first is, you can use the mirror for various functions, and another benefit is, you can store toothpaste, toothbrush and whatever you feel like in the shelves. You can use various frames also around the mirror to make them look elegant.

On the other hand, hand basins are usually installed in your bathroom. But this can also be installed in other areas in your home like lawn and dining room.

Installing a handbasin in the dining room

The dining room sees a lot of activity especially if you have a large family. If you have guests coming over for meals frequently then you might want to install a hand basin in your dining room. This way you can all wash your hands in the dining room itself without departing to the washroom. This is especially convenient if you do not approve of non family members walking into your washroom. You can protect the privacy of your washroom while giving guests the convenient option of washing their hands. Thinking to renovate your bathroom? Checkout Handbasins in Brisbane here.

If you are tempted to install a smart looking hand basin in your dining room then you will have to consult your local handyman and plumber about arranging for proper water supply and installation. Exposed water pipes are going to look terrible so make sure that you have the option of hiding the water pipes behind some cabinet or the piece of furniture. You can also consider wall mounting.

Mounting options for handbasins

The mounting option will be different for basins installed in washrooms, gardens and dining rooms. Choose from integral basin mounting with cabinets, top mounted basins, hand mounted basins, pedestals, wall mounting and a host of other options. It’s best that you have detailed discussion with a good plumber about the feasibility and the style of hand basin mounting.

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There should be an informative business signage in your office to guide your employees as well as guests.

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