Bathroom Renovations: Pros and Cons of Hiring a Pro

There are a lot of people nowadays who choose to do their bathroom renovations by themselves, because of the powerful influence of social media and other websites that make any project seem easy and fun. However, despite of this trend, there are still those who opt to hire professional Renovations Northern Beaches for their bathroom renovations. This is also a smart move, and besides this is how it is really done. There are a lot of advantages in hiring a pro, but still there are also some disadvantages.

Here are some of the pros and cons of hiring a professional designer.


Material selection. Bathroom renovations mean materials needed like tiles, vanities, faucets and other things that people usually see in bathrooms. Hiring a professional to do this makes total sense, because he or she will know what kind of materials work best in terms of quality, durability (since it’s the bathroom and therefore there are areas which are always wet), design and price.

Building code knowledge. Bathroom renovations usually need permits before it can be started, unless you are just planning to replace the sink or the toilet. This permit is needed whether you do it yourself or you hire a professional, and so if you hire a professional, he or she will be the one to work on the requirements in securing the permit. This is beneficial on your part, since there are complexities in the building codes. Leave all the complex work to the experts which know that best.


Expense. When you hire a pro, expect that the charges will be higher as compared to doing the job yourself. This is because you are paying for their expertise and also the convenience, because you won’t be doing anything as they make wonders in your bathroom.

Timeline. Another thing about hiring a professional is that, when he or she begins the project, you have to follow the timeline that your designer has set, and not your own timeline. This might be a little bit inconvenient for you if there are delays or some unexpected circumstances so you have to adjust.

Renovation of bathroom, or any part of your house, can have a big impact in your entire home, not only in its function, but also when it comes to its market value. It is just up to you if you are going to do the renovations yourself of you will hire a pro, which you have to take the time to consider.