Basic Tips to Inline Skate

Inline skating is the sport in which skaters use a skate that has 3 to 5 polyuretahne wheels in a straight line, instead of the traditional four by four skate. Inline skating is a recent addition to the sport and has been growing rapidly ever since its inception. It encompasses other forms like inline speed skating, inline dancing, vertical and ramp skating and other such variations. Once you have learnt the basics of inline skating, where you go with it depends a lot on your flexibility, and will.

Get the correct gear

The first ‘how to’ step to any sport is to get the correct gear. Inline skating requires a pair of skates, head gear for protection, elbow guards and wrist guards for protecting your joints against falls, and the correct clothing (clothing that covers almost all your body to protect against cuts and bruises but doesn’t restrict movement).

Find the right pair of skates

Finding the right pair of skates is a matter of knowing what kind of inline skates you want – cross trainers, multipurpose wheels, or speed and stunt skates. To find the pair that fits you the best go to professional sports stores and ask for a fitting. The skate should be firm around you heels but you should have the space to wiggle your toes. Look for padding around the toe for added protection, and wear your skates on your socks to check for fitting.

As a beginner you can buy multi-purpose In line skates before you decide on your exact style.