Basic Tips for Safe Line Marking of Sports Fields in Schools

Sports and physical education has always been an integral part of school education. Various sports require playground to be of different patterns and designs. This is where the need to mark on the grassy field arises. The schools normally used to put sump oil on the field in order to make visible line marks on it. However, the government has declared it not fit for the use so the schools are adopting different measures to mark the lines.

No sump oil should be employed

Make sure that under any circumstances, the sump oil should not be brought into practice. It has been used a lot previously but now it has been declared unsuitable for the use and thus its use must be immediately scraped off. One should be aware of the punishment that the Environmental Protection Agency will impose onto him on being found defaulter of using such harmful oils. 

Use environmental friendly materials

There is only one possible way to save the environment from harmful elements, by using ecofriendly materials. There are a lot of things available out there which are safe and can be used to mark the fields. Some of the alternatives to the sump oil include organic based water soluble paints, chalk, water based vegetable dyes and so on. Click here for Line markers in Brisbane

Agricultural lime

The chalks, or calcium carbonate, can be used as a dry marking material. It is one of the most convenient methods to mark the lines on the ground and doesn’t involve much of hassle.

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