Basic Features to Compare when Buying Commercial Coffee Machines

Who does not love to start their day with a hot cup of coffee? This energy booster keeps you going all day long by making your body active. These days, you can also find hundreds of coffee chains using commercial coffee machines to brew their own coffee. A few features of these can help you compare the machines, when you need to buy one for your office or coffee shop.

Water dispensing facility

When the water compartment of coffee machine is directly connected to the water source, it is said to be automatic. This reduces the task of monitoring the regular flow into the water dispenser. The water also stops automatically after the capacity if full. On the other hand some coffee makers have pour over dispensers, in which you have to manually pour the water from a container into the water compartment of the machine. The disadvantage is you have to continuously monitor the water level. And the advantage is, you also can pour only a little water which is required for making coffee and thus water usage can be controlled.

Capacity of the brew

You have to choose commercial coffee machines with a large brewing capacity if you’re going to cater to more number of people. The machines can brew from as high as 71 litres to as low as 11 litres of coffee depending on your requirement. Small machines also produce less than 11 litres of coffee per hour. Thus check on the number of people you will be serving and chose the appropriate machine.