Basic Features about Australian Patent Law

Patent is a legally enforceable right to exploit an invention for a certain period of time. The patent right has to be obtained by applying of eh patent and registering the same with the patent office in each country. Each country has its signature patent laws and the application can be made by individuals, partnerships, companies, government entities or other legally recognised persons. The Australia patent laws have been developed to protect and prevent the erosion of intellectual and geographical rights of the citizens of this country. Contact the Patent Trademark attorney Brisbane Australia to help you with the application.

Types of patents

In Australia there are two types of patents, innovation patents and standard patents. Innovation patents are those which offer a shorter period of protection and it mostly is up to 8 years. The idea should be novel and inventive and can be enforced against those who violate the patent. It can be a substantive patent which offers at least 20 years of protection after a substantiative investigation.

Dates of importance

In a patent application the dates of filing and the priority date is of great importance. The priority date refers to the date then your invention can be considered as yours. So the patent office will examine all information and inventions available before the patent date before arriving at the decision.

The date of filing refers to the date when the complete application was lodged and the patent right was granted by the Australian patent office. This date is significant because, it is the day you have been granted exclusive rights over your invention and anybody violating this can be prosecuted in court.

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