Bartender Job Responsibilities

It’s the responsibility of a bartender to keep cleaning up after his customers. This is probably the most unappealing part of the job but necessary nevertheless. If you train to become a bartender you will have to learn how to keep the bar immaculate. The cups should be washed, utensils cleaned, spilled drinks mopped up and the area should look sleek and swanky.

On some busy manpower stripped days you will also have to handle the cash point. The bartender has to multitask, work fast and be charming so that the customer remembers him and comes back! Exhibition Displays

Track the supplies

This will happen as and when you move up the bar hierarchy. When you become the chief bartender or the next in line you will have to track the wine cabinet to see that the glasses, ice and drinks are in full stock. You will have to do some inventory counting and ensure that the bar is never under stocked and no customer ever goes back disappointed.

Coordinating and peace making

You will have to check up on the age of customers to verify that legal age limits are being adhered to. A bartender has to learn the art of cleverly declining under age and rowdy customers. He has to act as the peace maker, the go-between and the coordinator. In short it’s the bartenders’ responsibility to ensure that all scuffles are sorted out with minimum possible fuss and the bar remains a haven for enjoyment.

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A team building exercise incorporates values like cooperation and team work among employees.

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Like any other type of vehicle, the forklift also needs a constant maintenance and monitoring.

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