Baby safety

Babies cannot control their environment and are usually not aware of danger. They can put things in their mouth and choke, get caught underneath mattresses or beddings and not be able to wiggle free or even get strangled by beddings. Unlike you, a baby is not concerned about how smart their sleeping area looks and this should never be a primary concern for either the parent or the caregiver. Safety should be the first consideration which is why cots should not have protrusions or large spaces and quilts should not have ribbons or any other loose fabrics hanging from them. Handmade cot quilts should be inspected carefully for any loose threads that can be dangerous to an infant. The baby should also be tucked in properly so that they cannot wriggle about.

It is recommended that infants are put to sleep on their back. In this position, they can roll about. The baby’s bed clothes should be tucked in snugly, not tightly and they should reach the child’s shoulders, leaving the neck and head completely free. Fatal sleep accidents can and have occurred because of wrong placement in a cot. Due to the ability to customize, handmade cot quilts are a fantastic option for baby beddings. This is because the parent can specify the exact size and materials they would like their baby to be covered in. If your baby has allergies or needs special attention, the ability to customize a  cot quilt will be of immense value.

Babies can safely share a sleep surface when playing, feeding or even cuddling, but it is imperative that they are returned to their own cots before the parent or caregiver falls asleep. Sharing sleep surfaces may be dangerous especially if one or both the parents are heavy sleepers, use drugs or even drink alcohol and smoke. You should also ensure the maker of your handmade cot quilt works in a smoke free environment. This is because babies are a lot more sensitive to their environments than adults are and a quilt created by a smoker will more than likely smell of smoke.

Wash your handmade cot quilt as soon as you receive it and before you put it to use in the baby’s cot. This should apply for every item you put on the baby. You should also disinfect every toy before you give it to the child and should get in the habit of doing this often. Remember, infants are very fragile and seemingly insignificant items can cause a world of grief. Be careful and stay safe.