Aspects of Installing Solar Panels

Installation of solar panels at home should be given a careful attention. The use of a renewable energy like solar electricity is the best way to utilize our natural resources. There are two major bifurcations with regard to the type of Solar Panels. The ones used for a standard inverter comprise of single series of solar panels wherein all the panels are fixed facing the same direction.

On the contrary, Maximum power point tracker (MPPT) inverters / Duel Tracking inverters comprise of two different strings of solar panels. Either of the strings can be installed facing an altogether different direction either on the same pitch or a different pitch.

MPPT inverters are highly recommended owing to its features. Given that it comprises of two strings of solar panels, this inverter had been designed to work on the string which delivers maximum output and ensures maximum Solar Electricity Power. An MPPT inverter combines the power of two different inverters into one major inverter.

Type of Roofing and Other Vital Factors

Most professional installers likeĀ Solar electricity Brisbane gives a lot of importance to the kind of roofing they are working on while installing the Solar Panels. If the house possesses one common roof then all the solar panels shall be installed facing the same direction thus compelling the installer to use standard inverter.

Similarly, if there is multiple roofing provided to a house, the installer can choose to install different strings of solar panel facing different directions. This ensures optimum utilization of the available resource. Deriving maximum Solar Electricity power can be enabled only by making use of MPPT inverters.