Ask Questions Your Solicitors

The solicitor might be having a good record of winning the cases. But ask him about the relevancy. If he has already won cases like yours, it would be easy for him, to win your case also, because he already has done all the research on your type of cases.

But still, if you find the solicitor, having no prior experience of winning cases like yours, but he/she is capable of understanding the intricacies of your case, you can still hire him.

Who would Work on the Case?

Confirm in beginning itself, who would work on the case. In most of the cases, junior associates are told to work on your case. You are paying to hire that particular solicitor, not his junior associates.

If you find him hesitating a bit while answering your question, chances are there, that he just takes the cases, using his name and gives them to his junior to work on them. The reason for not hiring him is apparent.

What would be Your Fee or Cost?

It’s vital to ask the fee or cost of solicitor Sydney because some solicitors charge on hourly basis also. Ask the mode of payment, he/she would receive the payment. Is it one-time payment or it would be in instalments? And how often he/she would charge?

Ask for the breakdown of his fee, which includes conveyance, government fee and charges and other additional expenses. If you find his fee compatible to your budget, you can hire him.