Article Writer

The resource box offers inimitable opportunity to you for convertingthe readers of your articles into buyers of your products. Hence, your mission should be to make this tiny space power-packed with compelling information. Create a productive resource box by using the below-mentioned tips.

Make a smooth transition from the article body

A seamless transition from the body of your article to the beginning of the resource box is the key to an interesting box. The starting of the box should seem like the ending paragraph of the article. There should not be any disruption in the flow of ideas. Use creativity to ensure smooth shifting from the body of the article to resource box.

Monitor resource box length

The length of the resource box should be around 15% of the size of your article body. It means that if you have written a 500-word article, your resource box should have 75 words.

Do not forget that the resource box is just a gateway to your website. If you make it too long, it will look like spam. If you make it too short, you may not get enough scope to establish rapport with the reader.

Establish yourself as a brand

Make optimum use of the compact space to establish your credibility as a brand. Be eloquent and concise. Use this opportunity to inform your readers how they stand to benefit if they visit your website. You can offer free e-books or any other profitable deal as incentive.

The resource box offers terrific scope to indicate the readers that you can offer them more on what the article has explained if they visit your site. The contents of the box are a promise that the readers will gain tremendously by clicking on the links to your site.

However, never misleadthe readers by placing links to sites that has nothing to do with the subject of your article. Such actions will harm your credibility.

Use relevant keywords

Place relevant keywords into your resource box. Research thoroughly on the internet to find out what keywords and key phrases the users are using related to your topic. Anchor the links with the targeted key phrases for getting higher ranking with search engines.

Leverage the resource box to drive optimum traffic to your website.This is the spot where your call to action is placed. Hence, be creative, entertaining and interesting. If your article has been impressive, the reader is eager to learn more. Now use the resource box to fulfill the purpose of article writerslead the mesmerized reader towards your website.