All About Strippers

Yes, everybody may think that being a stripper is definitely the easiest job that you can avail. Most of the time, girls who are into this kind of job are assumed to be of lowly kind like all they want is to have money in the easiest way possible. Actually, if you really give it a deep thought, without hearing the side of the strippers, there might be a ring of truth in all those common assumptions. But there are always two sides of a coin, so before being overly judgmental, try to put yourself in their shoes.

Yes, strippers are most of the time annoying and irritating especially if they will come between husbands and wives. But for those who are forced to be there because their needs of money is rush, they should be respected. Of course there are other ways to earn, but maybe they don’t qualify either. So, unless you really know their whole story, keep your bad comments about them to yourself. They are humans as well, they have hearts and they also have brains. And most of all, they will also get hurt just like anybody else. Let us just be thankful we have the option not to be strippers, because who knows they do not have.

Being a stripper is definitely not easy. You have this feeling of inferiority. You know that you are selling your body no matter what your reason is but that is the hard fact. You are marketing your body and in doing that, you have to really stoop down like doing some enticing tricks just to be noticed. Every time you will get ready wearing those very sexy outfits, you will be anticipating as well that your body will be used even if you don’t feel like it. Even if you don’t like doing that thing, still you must or you will not earn or worst, you will be fired. With strippers, they have different point of view with life. Most of them will see the world as harsh as not giving them a chance to do what they want. Other people will only see them as sex object and nothing else. Like they can do everything they want to do with their body without thinking if they really like what they are doing. It is actually like they have no say with their own bodies.

So, if this job enters your mind, think real hard if you don’t really have other options. Consider all those things that you will sacrifice. Anticipate all of those things that you must deal with even if you are not in the mood. Do you have the stamina to be nice with older men knowing all they want is to use your body? Think hard if this is really what you want before it is too late. Talk to someone close to you and seek for advice. Maybe there is someone who can help you with your current problem without you being one of the strippers.