All your retail networking efforts will not pay off really well unless you have a decent store location. Of course if you already have a physical store then you won’t be able to shift right away. But in case you are en entrepreneur who is looking forward to opening his first store then you must put in a lot of research into the location. This is what VestaGMS can offer your business, we find you the perfect location that will launch your brand to its target market.

You should target to place your store in a location that sees the maximum density of your target customers. If your target is teenagers then a mall is a good option while if you are targeting elderly people then you should target roads besides parks and gardens.


Break the rut — Marketing Strategies

If you carefully examine marketing advertisements you will find that the ones which stick to your mind tend to be a little radical in concept. The average consumer is bombarded at all possible times with advertising/ marketing content.

He automatically filters out 90% of it and retains stuff which appears different and unconventional. Think of You Tube, my space, Facebook and even Pinterest promotions. You should aim to create content which attracts maximum number of views. Be creative enough and you will see your video going viral in no time.

Word of mouth

Keep the information flowing always without breaks or delays. Twitter, Reddit, Delicious, LinkedIn, ScoopIt are all your best friends. Make sure your message and content reaches a large base and caches their eye. Competition will always be there but spate yourself from the crowd and you will get noticed.