A Short Guide to Offset Postcard Printing

The new printing techniques have taken over the traditional way of printing but not completely. Till today offset printing services are in demand and when it comes to printing marketing materials or postcards, nothing works better than this. However, the benefits of digital printing and improvement in printing because of new technological innovation cannot be ignored as well.

High quality printing  and cost

While making use of offset printing services, firstly the files were submitted to the offset printer, then designs is transferred to rubber pad which helps to roll over the paper which comes from the press. With the help of oil, water and ink, the design is transferred to the paper. Whereas for postcard printing, offset printing is extremely reasonable and high quality work is also produced. High volumes of postcards can be printed with this technique but if the volume is large then only it is a good idea because the set up of offset printer initially is high.

The setting up of plates is also costly where in digital printing the use of plate is not required. But, the offset printer can print rapidly and as the offset price diminishes with quantity, for large runs, offset printing services is definitely an economical solution that can give quality and is reasonable as well. If you are printing more than 1000 pieces, then offset printer is a wise choice. For small to high volume projects, this technique is best.

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