A Guide to Gymnastic Ring Training

Training rings are usually made from steel or wood. According to specifications laid down by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), each ring should have a diameter of 7.1”. Belts used for hanging them must be 9.8’ long and placed at a distance of 1.6’ from each other. Training on rings requires extreme strength in the upper body because of which only male trainers use them. You should have training rings in your home gym.

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Using Gymnastic Rings

No doubt gym rings are difficult to master. The free; three dimensional movement makes it so hard to control them or use them just the way you want. With no support for your lower body, it is indeed tricky balancing yourself on these rings without the risk of fall or injury. Dips and muscle ups that are so easy to perform otherwise, become much for gruelling on the rings. However, once you have committed yourself to using your rings regularly, be prepared for some exciting training time ahead. Public Liability Lawyers

Gymnastic rings can be used to perform different variations of push ups, pull ups, muscle ups, front levers, back levers, dips, exercises for abdominal muscles and much more. Rings are the perfect example of how a single piece of training equipment can be used at home to perform different types of exercises. Rings are highly portable, so you can carry with them wherever you go. Just hang them from suitable points and you are ready to train! And the best thing is that a pair of rings won’t cost you a fortune.

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