A Guide to Choosing Knobs and Handles for Your Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets

Although, it may sound amazing but the truth is that simple things like knobs and handles play a pivotal role in making or breaking the decor of your bathroom. Choose the handles and knobs for your bathroom vanities wisely as stylish ones may increase the visual appeal of your bathroom by leaps and bounds.

The finish of fixtures should be considered

Complementary or matching hardware and fixtures impart the best look to a bathroom. So, the finish of the existing fixtures is of paramount importance. You should mix and match, for example if you have a fair amount of chrome and you are not in a mood to replace, avoid selecting gold handles for the cabinets. While on the other hand if you want a matching cabinet or decor, rather than going for other fixtures, go for painted wood finishes.

Precautions to be taken if children use the bathroom

If your bathroom is used by children choose smooth designs so as to avoid injury in instances of children bumping into the knobs. The little fingers of the children are often stuck in knobs with ornate metal designs. So, for homes where bathrooms are used by kids or children, to avoid such instances, select knobs with smooth exteriors.

Children would love to have a bathtub where they can relax and play.

Matching fixtures with the decor

Take color swatches and paint samples along with handle measurements to the store. This helps you to match the handles and the knobs as matching in the store is far easier than matching them at home and discovering that you have purchased the wrong shade.

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