A Guide to Bicycle Helmets

The increasing number of deaths being reported and such cases being handled by an accident lawyer where head injuries are most has created a havoc. Therefore, wearing a bicycle helmet is very important and this is not just a safety practice but a law. Buying a helmet of the right size and fit is necessary to give you complete protection and one must consider a few things to buy an appropriate bicycle helmet.

Type of helmet

 Mostly the bike helmets are made up of EPS foam which has a thin shell of plastic and this works like a protective layer during a skid to avoid the abrupt pulling or pushing of neck. The foam lessens the impact of the collision where the shell is capable of holding the foam. Instead of adding the shell the new types of helmets are made by molding the foam in the shell.

In law firms, each accident lawyer has seen the tragic results of a collision, their point of view about buying the helmet is quite practical. When you buy the helmet make sure that there are no sharp points. Increased vents means that less foam is coming in contact with your head.

A strap is useful but if it is too thin then the comfort level can be low. Moreover, straps must not block the view else you should consider buying another helmet. The helmet should also fit well, you must not be able to move the helmet more than an inch in any way.

Bicycle helmets can also be used when riding your dirt scooter.