5 Web Design Mistakes

In today’s internet-ruled world, great web design is a must. The contemporary consumer turns to the internet first to be informed on what brand or service to choose. That said, a bad website is the first step to losing a customer. Although trends are constantly changing, there are some definite mistakes a website can make that can be detrimental to a potential sale.

Don’t Make Them Think

The user’s experience is very much key to good web design. The user should be able to navigate throughout the website with ease. He or she should not be confronted with dead ends that cause them to get frustrated and, eventually, leave the site all together. the website’s layout should be easy and straightforward so the user can find what they are looking for quickly.

Don’t Fall Behind the Competitors

It’s easy to get carried away once a web design is seemingly perfect. It may get to the #1 position for an organic keyword or building up a large, engaged social media following. However, it is important to keep on it and not get carried away or lazy. Stay on top of the internet presence and keep working on trying to improve the website. It’s important is is as optimized for business as possible while keeping track of how it compares to the competitors’ sites.

Avoid Long Forms

Page forms such as request a quote or checkout pages are important to many sites. However, it is vital that these forms do not become lengthy. Many people will not scroll down to see additional content. If the most important content is on the bottom of a long page, the consumer may never see it.

Avoid making them squib

The easiest way to lose a website visitor and potential customer is by making them read copy that is too small. If a website isn’t easy to read, the visitor will find little reason to stay on the website. Be sure to keep text concise, short and easy to consume.

Don’t Try to Target the Whole World

When building a website, Perth web design always keeps the audience in mind. It’s easy to get carried away when attempting to target the largest audience possible. Defining a target audience and designing with them in mind will lead to more relevant visitors and eventual customers.

A clean, concise web design is vital to a company’s success online and, in turn, in general. The internet has become the most trusted source to the consumer and having a strong website can make a huge difference in the potential consumers choice to stay or to hit the dreaded back button, never to be seen again. Don’t get bogged down by these simple mistakes.