4 False SEO Practices You Should Know

Although you are confident that SEO services will boost your website, there are still things you don’t know. Nowadays, website owners are competing heavily to achieve top rank on search engines using SEO techniques they believe to be effective but it’s not what we think it is. In this article, you will learn the false practices on SEO that you think are true and effective. Check it out!

1. Lots of inbound links will result to higher rankings.

This SEO practice is already a no-no on SEO services. If you believe that having more inbound links will promote and get your website a higher ranking, well, you’re already wrong. Google nowadays, prefer votes from inbound links from a single URL. This way Google can determine easily what specific website is always visited and used. Websites with variety of inbound links tend to be suspected as spammy so high ranking is not usually given to them.

2. Domains powered by keywords will always be favored by Google.

If you believe this SEO services telling us that the more a domain is powered by keywords, the more Google recognize it, then you are mistaken again. Google now do not only consider the frequency of the keywords associated with the domain name, but how relevant and useful the website has become.

3. Websites should be submitted to search engines to be recognized.

If you think there’s a need to submit the website to search engine first so that it can be recognized, well, it’s another false claim. Remember that once you created a website and launched it in the Internet, it will automatically be recognized and visited to the search engines. Everyone will immediately connect to your website and that Google will automatically recognize it.

4. Page ranking still helps your rankings.

Page ranking existed and is used years ago, but it doesn’t matter now. So if you think you can get high ranking when your page is boosted and that Google will recognize you page, well, there’s nothing like that anymore. Google ranking now depends on the website as a whole, how relevant and respected your site is, how safe and reliable the contents and how user friendly your site is.

Remember that in Auckland SEO services to market your website and earn higher ranking, you need to stay updated with all the trends about SEO. Because if not, you’ll get misguided and provided with false information you didn’t know are ineffective or gone anymore. Keep your eyes open and always expect for changes.